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We are modern day visual storytellers, inspiring action through immersive experience and human connection. 



We empower the storyteller by taking back the narrative, ensuring authentic voices are heard and stories are told with integrity and impact.


Whether we are working at an orphanage in Kenya, trekking through the rainforests of Costa Rica or riding through the dust at Burning Man, our expertise lies in crafting compelling narratives focused on driving global impact and amplifying the voices of change. 

Working in adverse conditions, on the fly, around the world, we have learned invaluable skills that cannot be taught. 



Kenya, like many developing countries, faces significant challenges in caring for its orphaned and vulnerable children. According to recent estimates, there are approximately 2.5 to 3 million orphans in Kenya, with about half of these children having lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. Kajiado Children's home asked us to create a short video that can sit on their homepage and inform visitors and potential supporters about their work and their mission. 



We collaborate with international agencies, humanitarian organizations, governmental bodies, brands, artists, and musicians. Our partnerships span a diverse range of sectors, ensuring a broad and inclusive approach to our work.

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Jimmy, Hearst Media

I hired Mariessa and Evan Smith to help produce an episode of our Made Here series about how a ship in a bottle is made. I had a meeting with them, explained what we wanted to accomplish, and linked them up with the shipbuilder. Mariessa and Evan conducted a wonderful interview and shot beautiful-looking and sounding footage.I assign work to freelancers from all around the world and they are among the best! They had great communication; they asked the right questions and took initiative. I would 100% recommend them.

Gaye, Chairman, Board of Directors

This team has been an extremely valuable resource to our non-profit organization. We first engaged them in early 2023 during the planning phase of our mission trip to Kenya, East Africa. Their assistance in assessing needs and identifying goals was our first clue that their process was not only professional, but passionate to meet our needs. They traveled to Kenya with us to capture the essence of our work in Kenya as well as the hearts of the children. Our goal was to tell the story of vulnerable children creating a better future for themselves through our support of their daily needs, education and medical care at Kajiado Children's Home. A year later, we feel the results have exceeded all expectations. Our relationship has turned into a creative exchange of ideas and continued support from them. They have made such an impact in our ability to touch the hearts of individuals who can truly make a difference in the lives of these children.

I would highly recommend Mariessa and Evan Smith for any project within the US or anywhere else you need a creative and dedicated team of professionals. 

NiNo, Burning Man Artist

I highly recommend Mariessa and Evan. We have worked on several film projects together and they go far and beyond to make sure we create something we are all proud of. Besides being such a great kind team, they have assisted with the script, the storytelling and how to impact our audience the best way possible. Impressive way to collaborate and hit any deadlines. I'm already bringing them on board for my next art project presentation for 2024 named COQUÍ and have no doubts, participants will enjoy this journey and put their amazing spin off to make it even better than I ever imagined. 


"The goal of a humanitarian filmmaker is to help the world see the human" It is our job to make the audience pay attention, understand, and care enough to take action. 


M&E Films is dedicated to harnessing the power of visual storytelling to impact lives all around the world. Our passion drives us to craft compelling narratives for organizations at the forefront of global impact, from local initiatives to international aid efforts. We partner with those dedicated to social change, relief work, and transformative global initiatives, bringing their crucial messages to life through captivating visuals.


Simultaneously, we immerse ourselves in the vibrant world of art and culture, capturing the essence of creative expressions and the effects it has on the people that experience it. By translating both impactful missions and ephemeral artistic moments into powerful visual content, we aim to inspire action, foster compassion, and celebrate the diverse ways in which people strive to make our world better. Whether documenting humanitarian efforts or showcasing innovative artistic installations, we're committed to creating visually stunning narratives that resonate, inspire, and drive positive change on a global scale.



We are always keen to learn about new initiatives and how organizations are making a difference. Have a project in mind? Whether you're a foundation looking for a long-term partnership or an organization with a specific campaign, we're here to listen and explore how we can help you achieve your missions goals through compelling visual storytelling.

GIVE US A CALL 619-319-8957


We actively seek partnerships with like-minded video companies, artists, activists, and foundations. By collaborating with those who share our vision and values, we aim to amplify our collective impact and create more powerful, meaningful content. We believe that together, we can reach wider audiences and drive greater positive change in the world.


There are many ways to support us; 


• Hire us for your organization's video needs

• Support the causes and organizations featured in our documentaries

• Attend screenings or events where our work is showcased

• Volunteer your skills or resources for upcoming productions

• Introduce us to potential partners or clients

• Provide testimonials if you've worked with us

• Purchase or license our footage for your own projects

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